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ADAM BAUER~ An Evening of Kirtan and Satsang

June 27 , 2019 7:00-9:00pm $20 in Advance, $25 at the door

Solstice is full of JOY to welcome one of the true jewels of the Valley to share his wisdom and Sacred chanting with us!!
Adam Bauer travels the globe sharing the heart-expanding beauty of Kirtan. From Bhakti Fest and Wanderlust to more intimate festivals, ashrams and yoga studios, Adam enchants and inspires listeners with his deep, soulful presence wherever he goes. Adam was blessed to spend many years playing bass in support of sacred chant pioneer Krishna Das, and later with Bhakti Yoga legend Shyamdas, both of whom nourished his love of sacred sound and the yoga of devotion. Join Adam and your beautiful Bhakti community for an evening of going deep
and remembering why we chant~

Kirtan with Arjuna & Friends

Saturday July 6, 2019 @ 7:30pm

“Chanting is a significant and mysterious practice. It is the highest nectar, a tonic that fully nourishes our inner being. Chanting opens the heart and makes love flow within us. It releases such intoxicating inner bliss and enthusiastic splendor, that simply through the nectar it generates, we can enter the abode of the self.”
-Swami Muktananda

Please join Arjuna (Gregory Bertsch) and a group of beautiful musicians as we chant the names of the Divine. The practice of Bhakti is true alchemy. It has the power to take all of the challenges and pain in life and turn them into something beautiful. Please come and bring your joyful voices for an intimate evening of music.

Suggested Donation $15-20. Everyone welcome!

Solstice Community Kirtan Open Mic Night!

Saturday July 13, 2019 @ 7:30pm

Join Arjuna for this first of an ongoing series of the wonderful format of Open Mic offerings featuring many familiar and not so familiar Bhakti voices of the Valley!! Have you always wanted to lead a chant? This is your chance!! Please join our Master of Ceremonies Arjuna Gregory Bertsch, some of the sweetest wallahs of the Valley, and our community in the Kirtan Circle as we ALL chant the names of the Divine! Bring your instruments and your voices and lead or be part of the responders. All welcome in the practice of Bhakti to join our joyful voices together for an intimate evening of music and community!!

EVERYONE WELCOME!!!$15-20 donation Suggested

The Yoga of Awareness~ Into Kundalini yoga

Introduction To Kundalini Yoga

WITH DEBORAH PREMA FORD SATURDAY JAugust 3, 2019 @ 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM •  SPECIAL INTRO WORKSHOP $15.00 register online to reserve your space!

In this 90 minute introduction class we’ll go over the basics of Kundalini Yoga. You’ll learn what Kundalini Yoga is, and how it works to balance the nervous system and glandular system and awaken you to deeper levels of yourself. You will learn the typical class format, the origins of Kundalini Yoga, some of the philosophy, fundamental breathing techniques, and Kundalini asana practice. We’ll answer questions like, What is a Kriya? What is a mudra? Who is Yogi Bhajan? You’ll leave with the tools to start a home meditation practice and build confidence to attend any Kundalini Yoga class or workshop!

  • All welcome!!

Gershone Sound Bath and Guided Mantra Meditation~

Sunday August 18, 2019 4:30-6pm $25 in advance, $30 at the door

Sacred Art and Kundalini Yoga

September 22, 2019 1:00-4:00pm

$35. in advance $40. at the door


Come spend an afternoon connecting with your own soul and the depth of your sensory and emotional experience, and give it an external presence in the world in color and light! As humans we want to feel all our emotions, experience ourselves, our souls and the world through our emotions but not be stuck in them. Through art and breath we allow and honor the stories, through movement and meditation we will explore and expand the creative energy that comes from within to heal our hearts and expand our capacity for self love in a safe and supportive environment!

register online to reserve your spot


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