The Sacred Within

Yoga speaks to the Sacred. It creates and maintains the opening for the flow of Prana (life force) and is the portal to infinite creative potential. Yoga and Art is at once containing and expansive; adventurous, courageous and safe. Yoga completes and makes sense of this journey, while providing ever more opportunities for growth. Yoga and art creates the vessel for the alchemy of  Creativity and Spirit to happen. Discover simple yet profound yoga techniques to enhance creative focus and flow at Solstice Yoga, Healing & The Arts. 


Art Therapy

I utilize a heart centered, therapeutic and creative approach to teaching, integrating my experience in Expressive Arts Therapies with the sacred, spiritual, deep healing practices of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. I hold a deep belief in the power of the practice to dissolve mental and emotional blocks that keep us stuck in negative patterns, so we can come into internal alignment with our own best self and  cultivate resilience and strength so we can choose to have more love and peace in our lives.  I truly believe that love is the only thing has to power to create miraculous changes in our lives. Love is the essence of life, and we are here to remind each other of that. Love changes everything. 

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Prema’s creativity, her love for what she does, combined with her extensive and intensive training and experience in psychotherapy, art therapy, kundalini yoga, bhakti yoga and meditation creates profound changes in the people that have chosen to attend her classes, workshops and therapy sessions.